Our second collection was created to give visibility to hair and talk about waxing as an option, not an obligation. With these pieces, our intention is that the hair is recognized as something beautiful, pretty. The depilated skin is beautiful, but without waxing it is precious and that seems that we had forgotten. Each piece is named after women who wore beards during their lifetime <3

Clémentine talks about skin blemishes. Each piece of clay is treated differently to generate roughness on the surface of the slope. Crystals enhance the beauty of these blemishes.

Ceramic piece modeled and enameled by hand in our workshop in Seville. Gold-plated brass settings and different colored crystals. Measurements of the piece: 9 x 3 cm

Only 2 pieces in stock!


When working with our pieces, we are aware of the importance that respecting the time that ceramics need has. That’s why we don’t work with many pieces at once. Thanks to this, we produce in a more sustainable way since we don’t generate surplus goods. You might find that the piece you want is in the Reserve, don’t worry! That only means that we’ll make it in the span of two weeks (approx). Each ceramic piece requires two firings of 24 hours, plus the time that modelling and enamelling takes. We like to think that waiting for one of our pieces is like waiting for bread to be fermented <3

We ship all orders every Wednesday with the shipping company Correos Express.

Peninsula Iberica: 5.50€, 24h delivery
Islas Baleares, Islas Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla: 7 €, 24h delivery
Europe: 7€, delivery in 5/8 working days
Rest of the world: 7€, delivery in 5/10 working days

If you’re in Seville, you can choose the workshop pick-up option and come by to pick up your order without any shipping costs. For urgent shipments, please ask us via email before placing your order at

If we get any returned parcels we immediately get in contact with the recipient to know if they’d like to have it sent back. In that case, the shipping costs will also be at the customers expense. We don’t take responsibility for any mistake that the customer might make in the purchasing process.

If the package gets lost because of a mistake the customer makes, we can’t return the money.

Returns and exchanges

You can exchange a product for another if that said product hasn’t been used and is in excellent conditions. It must be returned in its original packaging. The customer has 15 days from the receipt of the product to return it and the shipping costs are at their expense.

If a piece gets damaged on the way, we send a new one and the shipping costs are at our expense. This must be communicated immediately after receiving the package with the damaged goods.

To exchange or return a product, get in contact with us via email:

If your piece is customized, returns are not accepted.

You may find that the piece you are going to buy is in Reserve, do not worry! That just means we will do it in about two weeks.

Each piece of ceramic requires two firings of 24 hours each, plus the modeling and glazing time, so waiting for your piece is like waiting for a good bread to finish fermenting <3

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