Olambrilla Medal

With the Amiga collection, we want to highlight the importance of friendship, of care networks. The feminism of a lifetime, the feminism of the street, of the neighbors, the friends, the sisters. The power of this care is fundamental and even revolutionary. We defend empathy as a political weapon, along with care and patience. Let's extol the qualities of true friendship and work on love 💗

The letters on these medals are inspired by the tiles that name the streets of Seville and our towns in Andalusia. We design the letters to carve them on small clay stamps and stamp them on irregular pieces of clay.
Each piece has a different cut.

All our pieces are handmade in our workshop in Seville. Piece modeled and enameled by hand in white clay and transparent enamel. Silver or gold plated silver chain. 60cm in length. Measurements of the piece: 2 x 1.2 cm 


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