Stepping out of the fast fashion process and creating fashion items in an artisanal way is a direct and very much needed form of activism. Consuming in a more sustainable way, with love for the savoir faire, whilst being conscious, reclaims our love for this planet.

We design, produce and ship our orders from our workshop in Seville and, thanks to the ancient andalusian ceramic tradition, we are lucky to be surrounded with great providers that we can count on. The clay we use for our pieces comes from La Rambla (Córdoba) and from Seville, and so does the enamel. All our metals are spanish too :)

sostenibilidad volunto proceso ceramica

Our first packaging consisted in wrapping the earrings in two pads and newspaper, so that this way it would be both reused and reusable! For us, it’s very important that the packaging isn’t of just one use. It’s a shame that when you order something, it normally comes in a wrapping that you’ll rarely ever use again. This is why our products come in cardboard boxes and paper envelopes that you can give a second life to <3

Besides, we work with providers that are very committed to sustainability and use recycled paper or paper that comes from forests FSC, which are forests that are managed according to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council.