Hi! It’s Celia and Emilia, we are the two people from the picture.
We work with ceramics in our little workshop in the Alameda de Hércules in Seville

Volunto is a project that was born with the idea of becoming something that would allow us embody our artistic capacities and ideas, turning them into jewellery, playing with clay and letting us be a part of the collective imagination. It’s very important to us that the art we make is political and that’s why we’ve created this space in which we can feel free and enjoy ourselves through fashion, art and activism.

We use clay in order to turn those messages and ideas into reality. Our pieces honour menstruation, vulvas and vaginal discharge, women’s body hair and topics as important as the value of friendship and care networks.


Ceramic art is an ancestral technique that our ancestors already used to make goods and talismans that they could wear throughout their lives. Knowing that we are making fashion in such a primary and natural way is something that we are very passionate about. To create and to consume consciously, respecting ceramics time, is definitely a way of loving the environment and working with what the Earth gives us.

Andalucía is a land with a strong ceramics tradition, and we’ve both grown up with it since we were little in our respective towns. We remember our grandmas’ jewellers in which there used to be incredibly beautiful golden earrings that we would be amazed at. Those jewels they would look after as if they were their own children, and they were passed on from generation to generation. Our grandmas might not have had many jewels but the ones they had they loved and took care of until they would be part of their children’s jeweller. With this love and admiration for andalusian tradition and art, we created Volunto.